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Blog Post

To Build or Buy: You’re Ready for a Change

July 13, 2020

I love what I do because I help people make their dreams come true. Everyone who comes into one of my Model Homes at WhiteStone Custom Homes is ready for something new; ready for a change. Most of them have lived in “off the rack,” non-custom designed homes all their lives and are ready to build the house of their dreams from the ground up. Others loved their last home, but after the children grew up and moved out, they were ready for something new; ready for something “more their size.”

It might be a bigger house, or just a “better” house. It might be sleeker, or in a better neighborhood, or have the pool they always wanted, or the mother-in-law’s apartment or a three car garage.

Buying or building a home can be an emotional decision for some, and having a process–as well as knowing that process–helps take some of the emotions, including fear and misunderstanding, out of the equation. Knowing how to start, knowing what comes next, knowing what pitfalls to avoid and which paths to follow can all help you avoid mistakes, and do so with confidence.

This should be an exciting time for you and I hope this book only adds to that excitement. The fact that you have questions, and that you’re beginning to look for answers, is exciting in itself.

We all love the thrill of starting something new, and there is nothing more rewarding for me than to watch a couple come into our Model Homes with that extra “pep in their step” as they prepare for the adventure of building or buying a new home.