What are your hours of operations?
For model homes, we are open to serve you 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday, and 12pm-6pm Sunday in the summer. In the winter we are open for you 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday, and 12pm-6pm Sunday. Our main office is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.
How do we get started?
Since you are customizing a unique plan on a unique home-site, this allows us to price the home to your specific specifications. We require a refundable $500.00 deposit to secure your home-site and allow us to price your new custom home.
Why do you require $500.00 just to price our home when other builders just give us a price sheet, or may not charge anything at all?
Two main reasons, to show your sincere interest in securing an iron clad price for your custom home. And, second to secure the home-site, and hold the real estate off the market.
What if we don't like the price of you give us?
Then, you simply fill out a cancellation of contract with our on-site Sales Person, and we will process 100% your check back to you in our next available weekly check run. The money is simply to show your earnestness, and hold the home-site.
So, all you require is $500.00 dollars ever?
We eventually require 5% of the final purchase price to hold on deposit as security to build your custom home. That will not occur until the plan is complete and colors have been selected.
What if we are buying one of your Inventory Homes?
Initially, we only require the $500.00 deposit. If a price is agreed upon, we will need an additional $4,500.00 to secure the Agreement. Additionally, Inventory homes that require modifications, will require 100% of the changes as deposit.
Are deposits and earnest money credited back to us at closing?
Yes, they are. How much you receive or pay at the closing is actually between you and your lender.
Do we have to pay for the custom architectural design?
As long as you move forward with our company and close on your home, the architectural design work is included. If we do design work and you cancel your desire to move forward, we charge for the actual cost of the design and engineering work performed. This is all detailed in the Agreement of Sale in a separate rider to ensure understanding.
What if I have a fully designed Architectural set of plans?
That is great, we can price them right up for you. We will, however, re draw in our special architectural drawing software. Our software completes all the estimates and purchase orders for our building process. This process is included for you also. See question above. Understand that if you do bring us a floor plan designed by others, we will need a release from that architect or designer before we can re-draw even if you are making major changes to it.
What if I have a home to sell?
No problem. We have a program that allows you to design and build your new home while you market your home to sell. See your sales counselor for all the details.
Why do you request we make a loan application with your lender?
New home building is different from a purchase of a used home. There are more details that need to be coordinated between the builder and the lender. It just works so much better when your builder has a trusted lender that is used to working with the particulars of new home construction. Communication is the key in this process. Remember, the home is generally not complete when you build a new home. There is much more to consider. Since we are used to communicating with our designated lender, your approval and process will be so much smoother. We can keep the entire process transparent for you.
Will you build on our lot or home-site?
Yes, we love building on a customer's land. We have built a select number of custom homes every year we have been in business.
Our property is located in _________. Do you build everywhere?
Great question. We typically build concentrically 5 miles around any of our active communities. We would like to build everywhere, but we limit our geographically range due allow our Construction Managers ability to maintain quality over several home building jobs at one time.
How does Built on Your Home-site financing work?
It works very similar to conventional financing. There is an extra step though. You will be qualifying for the interim construction loan in addition to the final, permanent loan. Whitestone Custom Homes has an affiliated lender experienced in Build on Your Lot Mortgages who will help serve you in this process.
How long is your warranty period?
You will receive a warranty that basically has 3 parts. Year 1: We serve your new home, bumper to bumper, so to speak, for One Full year. Anything that goes wrong with our installation or performance of product, we cover it completely free of charge. Years 1-2: We will cover any defect with your Mechanical systems. This covers, Plumbing, Electrical or Heating and Air Conditioning. Years 1-10: Your homes structural integrity is covered a full ten years. Whitestone Homes will be here to serve you. In addition, all manufacturers' warranties pass through to you. Currently, our A/C supplier will supply a lifetime warranty to you if you register with them in a certain time period.
How long will it does it normally take to design and build a home with Whitestone Homes?
It normally takes about 30-45 days to complete all architectural design and another 15-20 days to process our construction loan and get the home started. From Start it takes us 4-5 months to build your home. In summary, it generally takes 2 months to get started and 5 months to build. So from a firm Agreement of Sale contract, add 7 months.
Do you mind if I hire my own inspector?
The ownership of Whitestone actually loves when a buyer wants to hire their own inspector. No home is perfect, and an extra pair of eyes are welcome. We truly want to build you the best quality home you can buy for the money. As a policy, Whitestone actually hires an outside inspector for frame/mechanical & on final on all its homes that are not inspected by a city municipality.