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Warranty Request

For non-emergencies, please send all claims to warranty@whitestonehomes.com or fill out the contact form below. We ask you to use this process, as described in your Agreement of Sale and your Homeowner's Manual, and do not drop off lists or simply call one of our employees to take your claim. Much like insurance, warranty claims must be submitted directly to the warranty department from the homeowner. This allows for proper tracking and coverage. We appreciate your assistance with this. For after-hour emergencies only, please call 210-336-4766. The emergency line cannot assist you with non-emergency warranty claims. You will not be able to submit new, non-emergency warranty claims this way either. Examples of emergencies are loss of heat during very cold weather, or major plumbing or electrical failures that are not related to your service. For service issues or outages contact your providers. If you're experiencing a plumbing leak, please make sure to turn off your water at the meter. **Note: severe weather-related issues are not covered by the builder warranty, and will need to be addressed through your homeowner's insurance.
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