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Building Your Dream Home Starts with a Firm Grasp of Reality

February 26, 2019

Chances are you know exactly what you want in your dream home, from how many bedrooms to what the bathroom fixtures look like, to the fireplace mantel to where you’ll put your Christmas tree; it’s a vivid picture in your mind.

But it’s just as likely that you’ve spent far less time envisioning what the actual process of building your home will look like. For instance, who is responsible for picking out those bathroom fixtures? You, the home builder, or the contractor?

How long will building the home take? Where will you live during construction? How much will that add to the final “price” of the home? Each one of these questions adds to the stress of building a home.

While you may be detail-oriented in your personal life, and the vision of your dream home may be extremely detail-oriented, the reality is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices to make when building a home. Not just what type of French doors you want, but are the window panes up to code, which hinges both look best with that set of doors and are also the most durable and cost effective?

I leave as much of the creative process as possible to my clients, and try to take the stress off the rest by making choices that I know will match their dreams of visions. How many of you first think of “door stops” when the words “dream home” come to mind? (You know, those little rubber tips behind your door that stops it from slamming into the wall each time you open up?) Very little, I would imagine, and yet the typical two-story, four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home can have several dozen door stops.

Whether you’re a door stop aficionado or not, my point is that we make it simple for you, not more complex. The choices are always up to you, but we help as much as we can–or as little as you need. In this case, we pick the latest fashions and trends on a regular basis and put them in packages so buyers can pick items in clear groups from the latest, most popular and fashionable trends.

Do you want to stop everything and pick those out? Or would you prefer someone who knows you, is working for you–and with you–to achieve your vision go pick those out for you?

This is another part of the process that, knowing beforehand, can relieve some of the stress–even some of the fear–from the equation. The last thing we want is for building your dream home to turn into your home-building nightmare!