The Building Process

Building Process

Step by step. The building process made easy by Whitestone Custom Homes.

Step 1

Pick the community of your choice

Step 2

Find the best homesite that fits your needs. If one of out pre-designed plans is perfect, we're ready to move on if not...

Step 3

Let's take your favorite homesite off the market with a simple earnest money contract.

Step 4

Sit with your sales counselor to design the house that you want. We will begin with simple questions like: Where do you want your Kitchen in your house? In the center wrapped by living areas or situated in one of the corners? Front or back? How many bedrooms do you want? What size? How about living areas: one, two, three, or more? What are you putting into them?

Our special computer aided design software can place your furniture to make sure it fits and allows for walk space. We will keep your budget in mind and give you feedback on what it all costs.

Step 5

Your plan will be produced. You will be responsible for the design fees if you choose not to go forward. The plan will be designed for you to build with us, not another builder so the design remains in our posession. If you are modifying one of our plans (this is what most people do) then we will produce a full set of working drawings. If this is a completely new plan, we will present a sketch to you to make sure we are on te right track then go to working prints.

Step 6

During your design process we will ask you to complete your full mortgage application.

Step 7

Once we have your plan complete, you will select your decoration at our off-site design studio. You will meet with our decorator at a specified time to complete the design process.

Step 8

As soon as your working drawing is complete and fully priced, you will sit down with your sales counselor to sign off on the plans and all change orders.

Step 9

We will submit documentation for a city building permit.

Step 10

Once the appraisal comes back with a value, we will submit your mortgage information, plans, specifications and change orders to a bank that will set up the construction loan.

Step 11

The bank sets up the construction loan by reviewing the information that we and your mortgage company send to them. Then they send instructions to an attorney to produce legal documents required by the bank.

Step 12

The legal documents are sent to the title company who ensures the legal title and interim construction loan settlement statement.

Step 13

After you have signed off your plans and change orders, you and your sales counselor will schedule a time for you to meet your builder. You will then discuss final placement of your home. Remember, moving your home from our standard set back will result in a charge.

Step 14

The interim closing takes place and construction can begin. Many of out buyers choose to be on the interim note (there are many advantages). If the company will provide you with the closing process before you go to the title company to sign the necessary documents, then we will have the go ahead to start your home.

Step 15

Your home will be started as soon as we can get the crews slotted to begin.

Step 16

The real fun now begins. You will be able to watch your custom home be built before your eyes. We schedule specific times for you to come out and review the process with us.

1. At the home placement
2. When the framing and planning is complete, then the electrical, heating and air are installed
3. Before we put your final selections in, we will meet one more time prior to final walk through
4.Complete final walk through

Step 17

Final closing at the title company. This is where the home becomes yours. Any items needing further correction will be included in the closing package.