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Criteria for Success: You May Not Want to Build a Home If…

Categories: Building a Custom Home, Custom Home Design Ideas, WhiteStone | Posted: July 27, 2018

This may be one of my stranger blogs : ). I have to admit, some people should not build a new home. This is an excerpt from my book about custom home building: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Building a home is NOT for everybody. What seems like an adventure to some can turn into a nightmare for others, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy getting your hands dirty or being a decision-maker.

So, who shouldn’t build their own home? Well, I strongly recommend that you don’t build a house if:

  • You’re happy with the status quo. If you like things the way they are, if you’re resistant to change or don’t feel the need for change, don’t build your own home. Contentedness is a powerful feeling. If you’re happy where you are, why go on the home building adventure in the first place? Too often, couples get carried away by the momentum of building a home when they’re actually unprepared for, and not even that fond of, the process involved. If you’re happy where you are, I suggest you stay there until you’re not! Building a new home is definitely an improvement in your life. For many, it is the next step to greater happiness for themselves and their family. But some people are simply too happy—or too scared—to venture out.
  • It’s not a unanimous decision. Everyone living in the house, or at least the ones paying for it, should definitely agree that you both want to build a new home before making the plunge. I’ve seen many cases where one spouse is merely “going along to get along” with the other, who desperately wants to build a new home. We realize they will be the most convinced spouse. That is only natural, but to be truly happy, both spouses must be convinced.
  • You like old technology. The modern world of custom home building is not only high-tech but cutting edge and fast paced. It can get overwhelming if you’re not prepared for the changes that have happened in the construction industry over the last five to ten years, or are unwilling to adopt them.
  • You are a perfectionist. If you seek perfection in every area of your life, particularly your living space, you should probably avoid building a custom home at all costs. Custom homes are not extruded out of a machine in some factory, but manufactured homes are. Those are homes that, like cars off an assembly line, come pre-assembled and popped out in cookie cutter fashion, with no muss, no fuss and, above all, no surprises—or frustration.
  • You can’t expect, or appreciate, the unexpected. Part of the reason why home building is such an adventure, just like child rearing, is that the only constant you can expect is the unexpected. Plans are just that- plans. They’re written in ink, not stone, and the biggest part of the home building adventure is seeing how your dream translates into reality. The best custom home builders are realists who not only know when to compromise, but how to pick their battles. Part of the joy of the home building process is being there every step of the way, for every brick or stone that goes up, watching the house evolve. While custom homes are never perfect, they are personal; it’s hard not to get attached to something you watch grow from the ground up. This new home will be your design. Your ideas brought to life! However, if you can’t appreciate or expect the unexpected, then building a custom home probably isn’t for you.