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Debunk the Myths of Home Building to Get What You Want

Categories: Building a Custom Home, Custom Home Design Ideas, San Antonio New Homes, WhiteStone | Posted: August 18, 2020

There are a lot of myths out there about building your first home:

  • That it will quickly become a money pit and swallow your savings whole
  • That contractors only exist to rob you blind
  • That it will take forever
  • That you never end up getting what you really want…


I’m here to debunk many of those myths so that you can make clear-headed choices and decide on your own terms how to proceed. It’s true enough that some may have gone broke building a new home, but was it the contractor’s fault? A misunderstanding about the process? Or both?

For instance, it’s a common assumption that, to build a home from scratch, you first need to consult with an architect. But which architect? I’ve seen many a client bring in blueprints for “dream homes” that, quite frankly, were so unrealistic they looked more like something out of a science fiction novel.

I’ve heard from other clients that they’d previously tried to build a home, but after pricing the architect’s specs, never pursued it because the house in question was simply too expensive to actually build.

Other clients tell horror stories of small custom home builders who quoted them one price–and one due date–only to add more and more cost and completion days onto the original bid as time marches on.

What can happen in that case is a $500,000 home, which isn’t cheap to begin with but worth it if it’s your “dream” home, can quickly become an $800,000 home, with no visible improvements over the original blueprints, due to hidden costs or unforeseen obstacles.

At WhiteStone Custom Homes we lay it all on the line before the first shovel goes into the ground. That is a part of the process I’m talking about. The more you know, the more details you get into, the clearer your goals and the deeper you get involved in the process, the less fear you will experience and the less vulnerable you’ll be to some of the myths—real or imagined—that are associated with home building.

Introduction to 90 minute guide to Custom Home Building.

Categories: Building a Custom Home, Custom Home Design Ideas, San Antonio New Homes, WhiteStone | Posted: June 12, 2020

Every Home Should Be a Custom Home

So, you’re in the market for a new home.

At least, I assume you, are if you’re picking up a book called 90-Minute Guide to Custom Home Building . My name is Tim Rice, and as founder and CEO of WhiteStone Custom Homes, I’ll be your guide through the process of choosing, and even building, your new home.

And, it is a process. So one of my goals in writing this book is to help you understand the process of taking the idea of a new home through all the various stages of design, style and livability. Ultimately, this will give you the confidence you need to realize your dream and enhance your life.

Fear Can be Either Debilitating–or Motivating

One of the reasons you’ve probably picked up this book is that you have some fear. Not “run for your life” fear, but the kind of fear that you might make a $500,000 to $1 million mistake and be forced to live with it–live in it–for the next 20 to 30 years.

Well, you wouldn’t be alone. In my experience, the two biggest obstacles that keep new home owners/builders from “taking the plunge” are fear and misunderstanding. Why? Because, first of all, they don’t know that there is a process, and even if they do, they don’t quite know what that process is.

But building a home is like anything else in life: the first step is the hardest, and a crucial part of the process. If you were going to do any other major endeavor for the first time, such as plant an oak tree in your yard or build your own pizza oven, the first thing you’d do is research it, right? You might buy a book or two, Google the topic and watch a few videos, that kind of thing.

Well, buying or building a new home is no different. Don’t let fear or misunderstanding keep you on the bench for another day. Allow me to walk you through the process, instead.

Fear can be a good instinct. Some people simply shouldn’t build a new home but should, instead, purchase a new home from an existing inventory of homes. Which type are you? We’ll decipher that in the following pages so that you are fully armed with information and caution before making a costly plunge that could end up in disappointment, if you make the wrong choice.

Is your dream home one you build from scratch or one you run across in an existing inventory of new homes? We’ll find the answer together in the coming pages.

Home of the Week!

Categories: Available New Homes, Building a Custom Home, Custom Home Design Ideas, Featured Home, News, San Antonio New Homes, WhiteStone | Posted: October 18, 2019

It is going to be a beautiful weekend for some cool home shopping. Let me direct you to a one of a kind, amazing property. The Addison home we built at 27220 Highland Crest is perhaps the most unique home we have ever built for sale. The 12′ ceilings down stairs are highlighted by a Great Room with wood tile that is so popular these days. All the fixtures and colors are current and beautiful. The deco finishes were selected by a Professional Decorators and our top management staff. This home is more art than home.

One of  most unique features of the home is the sky bridge and deck to the upper portion of the huge lot that backs to a permanent green-belt. Come see our home this weekend. Open 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 Sunday. The home is in Bexar County but there are no city taxes.