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Balance of Upgrades to Budget

Categories: WhiteStone | Posted: August 19, 2017

There is an art to the balance between putting literally every upgrade in the house and putting just enough to make the home a perfect balance between budget and customization. WhiteStone Homes specialize in this kind of building. We love helping you make the smart choices for your new home. Remember, we literally do this every day. We are working with real buyers putting up real money-making choices between all the things a homebuyer could choose from.


If you’ve been to a Parade of Homes and get to see all the cool stuff and everything that everybody does in each of those homes, you see what amounts to no budget control generally ridiculous extravagance. The reason builders do this is to show you the “quality” that would could build for you. There is inherently nothing quality oriented about putting the finest upgrade throughout the home. There’s no art to that. Literally anybody that knows a few subcontractors and vendors can do that. Any potential customer homebuyer with an unlimited budget can upgrade to the moon and well want to do it, but rarely do we find those buyers; and a limitless budget is not where we specialize in anyway. What I really like is seeing somebody take subtle materials to make that home stunningly beautiful on a practical budget. This is what we will help you do. Our registered trade mark is Practical Luxury®


I have been a parade of homes judge on several occasions. Generally, the winner of the best home is the one that has the most stuff in it. In my mind, they aren’t the real winner. The real winner is the builder that can marry the labor and materials and budget to build the prettiest whole home. Again, it takes no talent to simply put every current cool upgrades in the homes.


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